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1: Housing & Environment

Lack of affordable housing, a large number of second homes, and poor quality privately rented accommodation are major issues in this area. To make matters worse, landlords are selling properties so there is less and less rented accommodation available.

Transform will:
  1. Appoint a local worker who will focus on housing issues and supporting tenants, and investigate creating improvement loans and tenants’ and landlords’ charters to help improve housing conditions;
  2. Encourage street representatives to identify local problems so that they can be quickly sorted out;
  3. Bring agencies together to address affordable housing need in the area;
  4. Help North Devon Council to upgrade sub-standard accommodation through its housing strategy.
Theme group leader: Karen Evans, 01271 867131

Keeping the Area Clean and Tidy

We live in a beautiful area but narrow roads, congestion, lack of car-parking, waste disposal problems, scruffy buildings and a lack of things for young people to do reduces quality of life. Problems are made worse when the population swells during the summer months.

Transform will:
  1. Hold waste amnesty days to clean up the area;
  2. Work with the councils and other agencies to try out new ideas to solve problems.
Theme group leader: Gary Smith, 01271 867131