Mentoring at Bratton Fleming School

Mentoring in the context of disadvantaged and hard to reach young people is proven technique that has been developed to tackle the symptoms of disaffection that are widely believed to increase young peoples risk of exclusion and becoming socially isolated. The use of mentors is seen as a method if improving the self confidence and self esteem of the young person or young people and redirecting the young people away from perceived risk factors towards more socially acceptable and safer lifestyles

We are introducing a male mentoring project in Bratton Fleming working with eight young people, We expect to meet with the students once a week, on a Wednesday afternoon between the times of 14:00 and 15:00 and will be based at the school.

The project involves The Sports Leaders course which will recognise the students as young leaders, this is a certificated course which will be presented on completion.

The sports leaders UK young leader award is a programme of leadership training for young people that supports them working with younger children, teaching leadership skills through a whole range of games and activities. The course focuses on specific skills such as instruction giving, organisation of people and equipment and the use of space. The award teaches leadership through practical, activity based, holistic approach. In this way, the young leaders ‘learn by doing’ and by the end of the course have the confidence and ability to lead others, but will also have the knowledge and experience of an extensive range of games and activities.

In conjunction with this, the students will be taught social skills and teambuilding exercises in preparation for when the young leaders have passed the Sport Leaders course and ready to coach and lead groups of younger children.

The project has six core values:

Personal Development – Helping people reach their true potential

A stepping stone to employment – Providing the students with a qualification to get started

Developing leadership
– Teaching people the ability to organise activities, to lead, motivate and communicate with groups

Volunteering in communities – Encouraging them to organise safe sporting activities in their neighbourhood

Reducing youth crime
– Keeping young people off the streets through positive activities

Supporting more active healthier communities – By providing sports leaders to organise a range of physical activity sessions.

Project objectives include:
  • Introduce a positive role model into the lives of the youngsters
  • Teach them to have a say in their community
  • Raise confidence and self esteem
  • Promote good behaviour
  • Aid with the transition from the Junior School to The Secondary School
  • Respect for other people
  • Encouraging them to take responsibility
  • Helps to develop leadership skills , communication, organization, motivation and raise self esteem
  • Encourages working with others
Theme group leader: Gary Smith 01271 867131